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Beach camping we are offering services are rafting in rishikesh, beach camping, bungee jumping, trekking g-5 adventure beach camp a perfect base for undertaking exercises in rishikesh (himalayas) arranged 30 kms a long way from rishikesh on a calm sandy shore of river ganga. you can feel rush of outside with spill of running white water, puff of new contamination free wind, thick timberland and wonderful flying creatures.

The camp is undoubtedly the grandest perspective of river, mountain and little town and the air is sentimental, peaceful and ideal for acknowledgment, yoga and contemplation. two old sanctuaries rana garh and bandar chatti is lies close-by, around a 2 km trek. both sanctuaries are on the old journey way that was utilized for several years to stroll up to the sacred holy places of the himalayas (sri badrinath and kedarnath dham) this is notice stephen change's book, `sacred waters,' as well. you can see the genuine indian town with society.accommodation our camps have great quality elevated style tents, both camps encouraged with couches, sleeping cushions and covers.toilets these are eco inviting toilets since shore is a piece of the river.dining dining is an intriguing undertaking. nourishment is laid out in discrete dining tent ignoring river ganga.

River Side Jungle Camping

adventurerafting, rishikesh is a riverside jungle camp a long way from the roadway and far from other people. the charming sound of the rapids on the river echoes in the valley and camping around such an astounding regular surroundings is a lifetime encounter in itself. as the zone has rajaji national stop on both sides, a great mixture of uncommon himalayan fowls might be seen. nighttimes at campsite are sentimental, fun-filled and energizing. the starlit sky, outline of the mountains, undulating sound of the river and shining of bon-blaze, this is an extraordinary approach to investigate the outside.

River Side Hill Camping

The riverside jungle camp in rishikesh is found in the neelkanth valley. it is a delightful riverside campsite placed on the edge of rishikesh and right alongside rajaji national park, providing for it a credible characteristic look. the sound of the streaming water from the creek could be heard through out the day. it likewise acts like a common jacuzzi and one can appreciate throughout the day, disregarding the common stresses. one can additionally attempt fowl viewing in rishikesh, neelkanth valley is home to numerous uncommon himalayan fowls. the camp is a perfect base for getting a charge out of the experience exercises in rishikesh. one can have a go at trekking to the waterfall as the closest shrouded waterfall is simply a mile far from the camp. our campsite is ideal for rock climbing/rappelling in rishikesh, which might be appreciated even by amateurs.


G-5 adventure will take you into a voyage in himalaya, the place that is known for interminable snow crests. the himalaya in the indian subcontinent, with their staggering painted scenes, is home to the absolute most shocking mountain landscape on earth.a definitive most loved end for trekkers, the indian himalaya, has something extremely uncommon in store for all nature beaus.it offers a tremendous mixed bag of treks, which in them selves offer you new sights, smells and obviously unadulterated confinement. likewise with no teahouses on a large portion of our treks we will be completely independent which simply adds to that getting a handle on of being there? an english talking guide and other neighborly staff will care for all your necessities.

we will make things simply flawless with the goal that you can revel in the excellence of surroundings without stressing over anything.trekking out of the way you are not anticipated that will convey anything with the exception of your work force water jug and polaroid (unless you need to). the going hand in hand with donkeys and watchmen will deal with your sack and stuff.at g-5 adventure we will help you pick a trek that fit's your time and wellness necessities. we have harshly assembled the treks into three separate classes for you to use as an aide. we emphatically encourage you to contact us with the goal that we can provide for you the best and most present counsel on which will be the best trek to suite you.

Paint Ball

Paint balling in rishikesh was as of late presented at shivpuri. paintball is a fighting amusement that includes technique, nimbleness and cooperation. it is fun and energizing and could be played by understudies and corporate gatherings much the same. paintballing can additionally be utilized as a compelling apparatus for teambuilding. rishikesh offers numerous escapade dons yet paintball is unquestionably a standout amongst the most intriguing exercises that one must give a shot on their rishikesh trek.


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Ganges at rishikesh offers the excellent 'the divider' a feline iv quick notorious for spinning water and a stressing vortex on its edge. daniel dip, crazy ride, the fairway are different rapids that delivers an adrenaline encounter that would stay in your see any problems until the end of time. kayaking might be offered to the prepared ones given they meet the criteria of kayaking in the stream. guided kayaking tour is one of the most ideal approaches to revel in the stream and its beautiful magnificence around. rafting & kayaking requirements: white water rafting in the expanded vessel is recommended on the premise of your gatherings status. kids less than seven years old are not permitted rafting. any late bone harm breathing issues, in the same way as asthama powerless hearted


Physical wellness is one of the essentials for paragliding furthermore you have to be rationally designed up for it. the danger included in paragliding is high and you ought to be alarm and take after all the security safety measures. however in the event that you take after all the guidelines of the educator/pilot, paragliding will be a noteworthy experience. paragliding, however an exciting aero sport, obliges certain level of physical and mental wellness. it is exhorted that individuals with hypertension or any coronary illness and those with apprehension of statures, must not attempt paragliding. likewise, it is obliged that an individual must not be overweight since paragliding doest oblige a decent measure of spryness and physical continuance. having said this, paragliding is not extremely hard to learn. everything you need is interest, excitement and adoration for rush.

we at adventurerafting offering rafting in rishikesh, beach camping, bunjee jumping, trekking, wildlife tour, at affordable price get quote for now.

you can purchase your photos, dvd and get your shirts printed with your photos of the hop.

Giant Swing

Set off to rishikesh, a budding adventure sports goal in the north of india. nature's turf, charming climate, clear skies, and fresh mountain air give simply the right stage to undertake a game like titan swing. the jump stature of 83m is from india's initially altered stage and most noteworthy bungee hop site. you get to invest invigorating time at the drop zone in mohanchatti, an interesting town over the lakshmanjhula.

Pick time spaces accessible from 9:30am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and2:30pm. you can take a half hour transport ride on an air conditioner extravagance swing to the diversion point. proceed onward to the bungee stage, where you'll be fitted on to a seat with midsection tackle. feel the starting free fall as the ropes assume control to provide for you a smooth swing like a pendulum. after a gutsy jump, you're loaded with excitement to last long lasting. end of the swing brings you down to 2feet profound water underneath, from where you'll walk to the close-by cafeteria. recall the scene, gather memorabilia and set out to jump testament, and head once again to rishikesh.

Guidelines and Rules

you are asked for to book your bungee swing tickets ahead of time and be available 15 mins before the takeoff timings.

we don't prescribe jump to customers in the event that they have the accompanying therapeutic conditions.

  • Heart Issues
  • Hypertension
  • Spinal Pain
  • Late Break

Utilization of liquor or whatever available inebriating items is strictly disallowed amid this outing for security purposes, do pay notice to the rules given by the teachers

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1 Night Stay Beach Camp Tour
Rs. 2000/
1 Night Stay Beach Camp Tour