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Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi National Park is one of many national parks that our incredible india inhabits. it is located at the peeks of nanda devi in the indian state uttarkhand. it was also inscribed as a world heritage site by unesco. it is spread across an area of 630 sq kms. there is a beautiful valley of flowers situated in the vicinity of Nanda Devi National Park which also along with this national park is a world heritage site. these both places are encompassed in the nanda devi biosphere reserve. this reserve is also a part of the unesco world network of biosphere reserves. nanda devi national park is very rich in its flora and fauna.

The animals that are found in nanda devi national park are himalayan musk deer, Himalayan Tahr Himalayan Tahr, The Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) is a large ungulate native to the Himalayas in southern Tibet, northern India and Nepal. It is listed as Near Threatened by IUCN, as the population is declining due to hunting and habitat loss. Says Wikipedia

mainland serrow, common leopards, langoors, himalayan black beer and many more. there are some animals that are not found in the park but are present in the vicinity of this park. these animals include gorals, rhesus macques and other animals as well. the Nanda Devi National Park is also very rich in its birdlife. according to estimation there are 114 bird species that are recognized in this national park. flora culture of this national park is also very varied. there are a total of some 320 species of flora that is found here. amongst them 17 are considered to be very rare. fir, rhododendron and birch are some common plantations that are found in nanda devi national park. the vegetation in the inner sanctuary are pretty much scare due to the dryness of the atmosphere.

The best season to visit this national park is may to october. it remains open and accessible to everyone for this period. it remains closed in the winters because of extremely low temperature at the high altitudes. since the wildlife safari in nanda devi national park is hilly and arduous to an extent it requires the person undertaking the journey to be medically and physically fit. people having heart problems or blood pressure problems should strictly avoid their journey to this park. small groups of five persons are allowed at a time for the safari. the group is necessarily accompanied by a tourist guide who guides the group throughout the journey. it in itself is a spectacular[1], adventurous[2], magnificent journey[3]. one needs to do the trek up to nanda devi national park from lata village near joshimath.

The valley of flowers nearby this national park is a must visit to the persons undertaking wildlife safari in nanda devi national park because of its breathtaking[4] beauty. if visited at appropriate time one will find a wide variety of flowers in the valley of flowers. the view is amazing from the top of the nanda devi peak. this journey in itself is a complete adventurous journey for wildlife enthusiast. the trek, excursion to valley of flowers, witnessing a grand variety of flora and fauna and an impeccable experience are the complete package one can encounter! it is definitely a must visit place of india.

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