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Trekking in Kuari Pass Uttarakhand

Kuari Pass is located in the chamoli district of indian state uttrakhand. it is stationed at an elevation of 4750 meters. though the altitude is not very high but it boasts some spectacular views of the himalayas in garhwal region. it is rated as the moderate trek in the gradient level. the mighty peaks of Nanda Devi Nanda Devi, Nanda Devi (Hindi: ????? ???? ) is the highest mountain in Uttarakhand, the second highest mountain in India and the highest entirely within the country (Kangchenjunga being on the border of India and Nepal); owing to this geography it was considered the highest known mountain in the world until computations on Dhaulagiri by western surveyors in 1808. It was also the highest mountain in India before Sikkim joined the Republic of India. It is part of the Garhwal Himalayas, and is located in the state of Uttarakhand, between the Rishiganga valley on the west and the Goriganga valley on the east. Its name means Bliss-Giving Goddess. Says Wikipedia

chowkhamba,drona giri,neelkantha, trishul,mana, nanda ghunti, mukut, trishuli,hathi parbat, chang bhang, gauri parbat,kalanka and many other peaks are prominently seen from the trek. it is one of the most beautiful and scenic trek of the garhwal region. the variety of flora and fauna are present in plenty in Kuari Pass Trek . it is a paradise for flora and fauna lovers and trekkers are astonished to see the alluring surroundings throughout the trek.

It is one of the less travelled regions and hence the amazement of Kuari Pass Trek increases because the route is unbeaten here. the scenery changes with every uphill climb making the whole route exceptionally beautiful. the route of this trek is said to be discovered by lord curzon in 1905 but is still prevailing for trekking[1].

The trek starts from Joshimath

Joshimath, Jyotirmath, also known as Joshimath is a city and a municipal board in Chamoli District in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Located at a height of 6150 feet, it is gateway to several Himalayan mountain climbing expeditions, trekking trails and pilgrim centres like Badrinath.It is home to one of the four cardinal pithas established by Adi Shankara. Says Wikipedia

which can be reached from haridwar by bus or rented/owned vehicle. the trekkers traverse through the valleys by steeply climbing[2] up the overhanging cliff. the trekkers pass through dried terrain region to reach a place known as chitrakhana. from chitrakhana the trekkers traverse through a wide varienty of plants and trees to reach tali top. the view from this place is very beautiful and the nature's bestowed beauty is visibly seen enchanting making the view all the more alluring and worth a watch. from tali top trekkers make their final move to reach out to their final destination i.e, Kuari Pass Trek. it is reached via khullar top. this route is very tiring as its steep up climbing. but the destination is worth every challenge that one has faced during the whole course of the trek. the view from the above is very beautiful. during winters one gets to witness the snow covered mountain peaks that make the view majestic.

The best season to visit for Kuari Pass Trek is in late december and early january. it remains almost covered with the snow. it is regarded as the best snow trek of the garhwal region making it a paradise for snow lovers. these treks are done in groups of 15-18 people. they make their own camps at different places and reside there overnight. also for resting purposes, brunchs and dinners the halt options are available throughout the trekking route.

Though it's a moderate level trek and altitude is not very high optimum level of fitness is a must for the trekkers to avoid any kind of mishaps. for enjoying the journey to its extreme one must be physically very fit.

Kuari Pass Trek is one of its own kinds. the total distance that is covered in this trek is approximately 41 km. though being open for a very short span of time kuari pass trek is undertaken by many trekkers throughout the world and is widely known for its beautiful scenery.

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