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Camp in Rishikesh

G5 adventure camp in rishikesh is a riverside wilderness camp a long way from the roadway and far from others. the charming sound of the rapids on the river echoes in the valley and camping around such an astonishing regular surroundings is a lifetime involvement in itself.

As the region has rajaji national stop on both sides, a great assortment of uncommon himalayan winged creatures could be seen. nights at campsite are sentimental, fun-filled and exciting. the starlit sky, profile of the mountains, rippling sound of the river and sparkling of bon-fire, this is an incredible approach to investigate the outside.

Our camp offices:

  • Stay in tents with fitting padding
  • Slick and clean indian/western toilets with flush & running water
  • Buffet dinners in a substantial eating territory
  • Power with force reinforcement/generator office
  • Gathering zone with sound/feature office exercises conceivable at the camp
  • Bonfire and grill in the night
  • River rafting on the ganges, body surfing & bluff jumping
  • Rope exercises like rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, and so forth.
  • Obstruction courses like burma extension, parallel rope, and so forth
  • Trek to the waterfall/backwoods march
  • Ground sports exercises like volleyball, rugby, badminton, and so forth
  • Group building activities/gathering diversions
  • Indoor & outside camp recreations

Other Weekend Tour Packages

Rs. 1800/
Plan no-1, 1Night/2Days Packages
Rs. 2100/
Plan no-2, 1Night/2Days Packages
Rs. 3200/
Plan no-3, 2Night/3Days Packages
Rs. 3500/
Plan no-4, 2Night/3Days Packages