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Rafting in Alaknanda

Water sport is any day and any time the best outdoor activity that can be chosen from its peers! and white water river rafting is considered to be the best among all water sports. it's because of lesser known fact that people who doesn't know swimming can also enjoy white water river rafting to its core without having any fear of the mishaps. though it's an activity majorly enjoyed by youth but it has no such rigid age limits. only thing that is required for this activity is physical fitness. one needs to be physically fit to enjoy this adventurous activity.

There are many destinations in india that offer white-water[1] rafting expedition. while the best of rafting[2] options lie north, in the himalayan waters, south, west and east has also seen recently the development of the sport. there are only a few things that appeal to adventure enthusiasts more than the thrill of riding on the wild waters of untamed rivers, or white water rafting as it is called. the mighty rivers flowing down from the heights of the Himalayas

Himalayas, The Himalayas are bordered on the north by the Tibetan Plateau, on the south by the Indo-Gangetic Plain, on the northwest by the Karakoram and Hindu Kush ranges, and on the east by the Indian states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The western anchor of the Himalayas — Nanga Parbat — lies just south of the northernmost bend of the Indus River, while the eastern anchor — Namcha Barwa — is situated just west of the great bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. The Himalayas span five countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet), and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of the range.. Says Wikipedia make india one of the world's best places for adventurous water sport activities especially white water river raftingwhite water river rafting expedition.

One of the best destinations for river rafting in the northern himalayan region is rafting in alaknanda. this river is among the best for river rafting in the not only in india but the world due to its high rafting grade. people from across the country come to uttrakhand for enjoying the ganga expedition. ganges is considered to be the most pious river of india. people from all over the country and world come to uttrakhand to just touch its water. what more can be more beautiful than its expedition! ganga expedition is very popular in india not only because of its high rafting grade but also because of the cultural importance of this river.

Alaknanda river is one of the two headstreams of ganges, the other being bhagirathi. the alaknanda is believed to have split off from the celestial ganges when it descended from heaven. both these rivers flow through the beautiful state of india, uttrakhand. it is where rafting is chiefly enjoyed on these rivers. its because of its good speed that they provide the best rafting experience. rafting in alaknanda is also considered to be the best because of its surroundings. people get to enjoy the beautiful flora-fauna[3] of the surroundings while traversing through the highs and lows of the rapturous river. There are many online websites and tours and travels organizations that provide packages for rafting in alaknanda. the best season to enjoy rafting in alaknanda is from the mid of october to the mid of april. it's in this season that the river flow is safe for river expeditions. it's from here that the addiction starts. really, undoubtedly it's one of the best recreational activity that has ever came is advanced. it is worth every single penny you have spent. it will make you addicted and surely you will keep visiting this place throughout your life.

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