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Rafting in Ladakh

Ladakh is a place that has no match at all. it is surely one of its own kinds. it is popularly called as "land of high passes". ladakh was discovered by Fa-hian Fa-hian, Faxian (337 – c. 422 CE) was a Chinese Buddhist monk who travelled by foot from China to India, visiting many sacred Buddhist sites in what are now Xinjiang, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka between 399-412 to acquire Buddhist texts. His journey is described in his important travelogue, A Record of Buddhist Kingdoms, Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Xian of his Travels in India and Ceylon in Search of the Buddhist Books of Discipline. Antiquated transliterations of his name include Fa-Hien and Fa-hsien. Says Wikipedia

Amidst deep gorges[1], towering snow-capped peaks[2], hilltop monasteries[3], hillside villages, ladakh offers a range of rafting options on the indus and its major tributaries. the rafting season begins in the months of june upto late august on the river indus when the water levels are high. tamer in comparison to the more rugged water flow of the river in nepal, rafting is more commonly done from (phey to sasphol) spitok to the indus-zanskar confluence at nimmu, and from nimmu to the ancient temple complex at alchi, graded an average of 2-3. the more challenging route lies between alchi and khalsi, which takes in the kilometre long series of rapids at nurla.

Because of its high altitude and high grade flow of river rafting in ladakh attracts much of experienced people in river rafting. as it takes you with its flow you will surely feel like taming the river if you are an experienced rafter. what more adventurous can be traversing a river 12,000 feet above the sea level! it's a very very exciting tour for otherwise experienced river rafters too. river rafting in ladakh is definitely worth a choice among its peers.

Rafting in indus river is exceptionally beautiful in ladakh because of the surroundings it offers you. you get to traverse between the ice capped mountains. more than taming the river you will enjoy the sceneries. it surely will take you to a dream world. the passages are narrow and long. and hence you will have to stop nowhere and take rest in the camps. it's so much exciting to take rest on the shores of river in between the expeditions. people from different parts of country come to enjoy rafting in indus river because of its extreme popularity.

Rafting in ladakh is also worldwide famous because it is one of the coldest places of the world that offers the most exciting water sport. it also serves as the major tourist attractions because of this reason. river rafting in ladakh is a must for everyone who visits ladakh at appropriate time.

Rafting in Ladakhis also very much safe because it remains open only for the time when the courses of river flow are in control. and proper measures are taken by the authorites to ensure safety.
Hence its one of the best white water river rafting experiences of not only india, but the whole world!

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